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Modern Classic - Steve Harper Interview

Modern Classic - Steve Harper Interview

Thu 24th March 2016

In late 2015 Keith Adams of Modern Classic interviewed Steve Harper in his Studio about this past...

CROSS-ANYWHERE concept 2008.04

The Adventure vehicle should be a go anywhere/anytime attitude. Too often this sector is claimed by the SUV, and the ‘wannabe’ off-roaders, which never travel much further than the school driveway.

The classic Mini Moke was a simple and rugged tool used by all types, and the sketches portray how that kind of spirit could be developed. 

A true adventurer needs more than just the car, so perhaps the next stage could be to link the similarly designed ‘living quarters’ trailer to the unit.

Ultimately, the ability for the vehicle to adapt its stance and drive systems to whichever terrain the vehicle is on, would create the perfect Adventure vehicle.