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Modern Classic - Steve Harper Interview

Modern Classic - Steve Harper Interview

Thu 24th March 2016

In late 2015 Keith Adams of Modern Classic interviewed Steve Harper in his Studio about this past...

Inspiration - Driftwood

Where ever inspiration may come from is the essence of appreciating form and how to reinterpret it.  

Sometimes this inspiration may come from an odd image viewed whilst browsing the Net.

These then develop into unique vehicles with a fresh approach to design, whether as the use of new materials and technologies, such as:

Inspired by a Gigascan of a piece of driftwood

or ….. Drawing inspiration from classic Indian Architcture - the covered walkways, and the modern Lotus Temple in Delhi ..... to create a luxury car which protects its occupants from the extremes of weather and provides a 'pod' in which the whole family can travel together

 or ..... even the motion of a greyhound at full tilt ... to emphasize a vehicle's speed and agility