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Modern Classic - Steve Harper Interview

Modern Classic - Steve Harper Interview

Thu 24th March 2016

In late 2015 Keith Adams of Modern Classic interviewed Steve Harper in his Studio about this past...

BUAC SUV renderings & presentation 1992

BUAC SUV Concept

After being one of the first Western designers to work in China during 1988, Steve Harper returned in 1992 with a series of design themes for a mid size SUV.

BUAC produced the classic ‘Beijing Jeep’ and the design proposal was to assist the company develop a new product for the growing private market. 

Working directly with their designers and engineers in Beijing, the vehicle package, design sketches and full size tape drawing were produced and approved.

 Returning to the UK, the design was developed as a 1:2,5 scale clay and resin model and later presented to the visiting Chinese management group.

The design featured many innovative features to keep the cost for production to a minimum. For instance, the styled ‘headlamps’ featured only the side lights and turn signal functions. The main headlamp was a conventional round lamp ‘below the bumper line’. The rear lamp units were individual and non handed units, and met all of the legal requirements stipulated.