Modern Classic - Steve Harper Interview

Modern Classic - Steve Harper Interview

Thu 24th March 2016

In late 2015 Keith Adams of Modern Classic interviewed Steve Harper in his Studio about this past...


With a considerable amount of time working in the Motor Industry, SHADO now has a Global Client base in all areas of Transport & Product Design.

The result of this has been the ability to integrate the many lessons learnt of Strategic Research, Innovative Advanced Design, Lean Methodologies, Tight Project & Cost Controls, Design Quality systems, and Brand Development based Product Planning, into our working methodology, to the benefit of all of our Clients.

SHADO believes that Good Design should be Inspiring, Innovative, Exciting & Fun.

Products are bought today with the heart and the mind, and so Good Design should also appeal and satisfy all of the senses.

It is also important that the atmosphere in which a new Product is developed, has the same energy and creativity, as you would want the prospective Customer to experience with their new purchase.

Therefore the SHADO Design Studio has been created to allow the Design Team as much creative atmosphere as possible, whilst maintaining a highly professional discipline of Project control.

A History of Good Design

Over the years SHADO has been commissioned to create various Design Projects in a wide span of Industries.

Our portfolio of projects has included the designs for Cars, Vans, Trucks & Buses, all the way up to the designs for multi-million Dollar Flight Training Simulators.

All of our designs have maintained a strong design philosophy of being Original, Practical and Beautiful, whatever their role.

Good Design is a challenge, a blend of Creative Inspiration, Practical Solutions, Strong Leadership and an eye for Cost and Detail.

It is also about listening and interpretation.

So when working with a new Client, even on a type of project we have never worked on before, we listen.

As we also bring our experience from many other projects & disciplines, we can often help the Client look at their own product with ‘fresh eyes’.

Ultimately this can create new unique solutions which allows for greater improvements for their business.

We believe that all Design is for People, their needs, their aspirations and provide solutions which should enrich their lives.

Beauty with Brains behind It